Cheryl Reardon


Cheryl Reardon is the Chief Human Resources Officer and Associate Vice President at the University of Iowa.  Cheryl has cultivated a rich, diverse and progressive portfolio of experiences in her 30-year career on campus.  She has served in leadership roles in student life, academic administration, research and the economic development enterprise.

In her current role, Cheryl has provided a strong framework and leadership for HR on campus, including organizational leadership for the disciplines that make up the HR enterprise. Her focus on daily success has allowed HR to be more engaged in the application of processes, policies, systems and procedures designed to enhance the employee experience at the University. 

Cheryl holds a Master of Science degree from Minnesota State University-Mankato, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Ambrose University.  She has demonstrated her leadership skills and her commitment to the UI community by serving on numerous university, community and state wide committees.

Cheryl Reardon Head Shot